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Posted by Megan Fischer-Colbrie on Apr 15, 2015 10:41:00 PM

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Cloud technology has permeated the sports world in a big way, but not all coaches and athletes have taken advantage of it. Cloud tech refers to the use of remote servers and software networks that allow data sources to be uploaded in real time in a manner that enables sharing of resources. In other words, multiple users like coaches and athletes can access the same data set from anywhere, anytime, by simply logging into the website offering cloud computing.
One example of this is Google Docs. Invited users to a Google Doc may view, edit, and/or comment on the doc in the cloud, from any location, and updates are shared immediately between users in the doc. But how, exactly, does this technology benefit elite performance? 
Coaches and athletes can use the cloud to communicate in real time, from any location, sharing important performance and training data, notes, or information that regularly requires updating. 
For example, every strength coach regularly updates their athletes' workouts, and every athlete views these workouts and annotates them with the weight and repetitions completed during practice. In elite athletics, the best coaches and athletes are putting this process online to improve their communication and make training more efficient. 
Consider these three main takeaways for using cloud tech in athletics:
  1. Real time data sharing
  2. Remote access
  3. Ease of updating
Real time data sharing
These days, strength coaches don't need to hand athletes a white paper filled with spreadsheets and exercises. In the cloud, this "paper" is shared between coach and athlete, each annotating the workout and viewing comments. Because cloud tech works in real time, these updates are posted immediately to create a two-way street for communication between coach and athlete. Several situations arise in training where this would be beneficial. For example, if the athlete needs to modify an exercise, he or she can make a note of it and the strength coach will know instantly. If an athlete doesn't understand an exercise, he or she can communicate that to the coach through the shared portal. These daily occurrences are more efficient with cloud technology at your disposal.
Remote access
Athletes and strength coaches are not always in the same location when a workout needs to get done. Remote access gives athletes the opportunity to view workouts and exercises from wherever they are, whether that be a hotel gym, at home during break, or anywhere else. This feature makes training more flexible for coaches, too. They can help their athletes at a moment's notice even if they are not physically present. Coaches upload the newest workout so athletes can stay on track with their training regardless of their location or schedule.
Ease of updating 
Cloud tech eliminates the need to print out new workouts every week. Coaches can save time by using online platforms to quickly drag and drop the appropriate exercises into each workout instead of the laborious task of writing new spreadsheets each week. If a change needs to be made, coaches can login and update that exercise immediately so their athletes have access to the latest data at all times. 
Cloud technology for elite athletics is at the crux of what BridgeAthletic provides for coaches and their athletes. Coaches can deliver training with greater efficiency, athletes can execute workouts with greater specificity, and the two parties can take advantage of real time data sharing to maximize overall performance!
Visit BridgeAthletic to learn how you can bring cloud technology to your training program!
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