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Workout of the Week: Baseline Test #1

Posted by BridgeAthletic on Aug 23, 2017 5:05:00 AM

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This Week's Workout: Baseline Test #1

With a challenging month of workouts behind you, we've got a new setup for the Competition workouts. Compare your results to how you did 4 weeks ago to see the progress you're making and get ready for another 2 exercise Baseline Test next week! This will help set a baseline to target areas for development.



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Warmup Set:

Jumping Jacks - 10 reps


Lying Thoracic Mobility - Squeeze - 10 each side x 2


1-Arm Kneeling MB Pushups - 7 each arm x 2


Hindu Squats - 15 reps x 2 

Main Set:

Wall Sit Intro - 15 secs


Pushups Intro - 8 reps


Wall Sit - 90 secs [Repeat x3 with 10 secs rest between]


Pushups - 30 secs (as many reps as possible) 

[Repeat x3 with 10 secs rest between]



Core Set:

[Repeat 4 times]


MB Standing Side Throw - 15 each side



As always, don't forget to get a good stretch in to speed recovery and reduce soreness after your workout!

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