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Workout of the Week: DB Hero Sets

Posted by BridgeAthletic on Aug 2, 2017 6:00:00 AM

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This Week's Workout: DB Hero Sets!

Grab some dumbbells and channel your inner superhero this week with the likes of Spiderman Pushups and Star Jumps! 

DB Hero Sets


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Warmup Set:

Burpees - 8 reps


Hindu Pushup - 8 reps x2


Hindu Squat - 15 reps x2




Main Set #1:

[No rest between exercises. 30 sec rest between rounds. Repeat x 3]


DB Front Squat - 15 secs


DB Alternating Bent Over Row - 7 each side



DB RDL - 15 secs


Main Set #2:

[No rest between exercises. 30 sec rest between rounds. Repeat x 3]


Spiderman Pushups - 7 each side



Squat Hold - 15 secs


Star Jumps - 30 secs




Core Set:

[Repeat 4 times]


Side V-Ups - 15 secs each side



As always, don't forget to get a good stretch in to speed recovery and reduce soreness after your workout!

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