Workout of the Week: Partner Workout

Posted by BridgeAthletic on Nov 16, 2016 9:10:00 AM

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Spring Partner Workout


Grab a partner this weekend and challenge each other with these two-person exercises!

Warmup Set:

Up & Out Jacks - 15 each


Kneeling Thoracic Mobility - 7 each arm


Scorpion - 5 each way

Main Set:

[Repeat 3-4 times, 10 second rest between blocks]


Block 1:

Partner Squat - 12 reps


Partner Clap Pushup - 5 each arm alternating


Block 2: 

Partner Wheelbarrow - 10 steps per arm
[Note: Support at knees, not ankles]


Partner Tuck, Roll, Jump - 5 each partner


Block 3:

Burpees - 15 each


Front Bridge Rocker - 20 seconds

[2 sets]


Partner Situps - 15 each



As always, don't forget to get a good stretch in to speed recovery and reduce soreness after your workout!



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