September 12, 2020 By BridgeAthletic

Auburn University Partners with BridgeAthletic



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BridgeAthletic the industry’s most advanced high performance training software for coaches and athletes, is excited to announce a partnership with Auburn University. 


"Approximately six years ago is when I first started using Bridge for my programs, I never thought something would come along that would make programing and assigning programs so simple!  The longer I use this platform the easier it gets because of the templates I have saved, I can honestly say I have easily cut in half the time I spend programing at my computer.  During the COVID shut-down again Bridge came through with the ease of remote coaching, the videos and the ability to create my own videos made things very simple for my student-athletes while they were away.  If you are not using Bridge I highly recommend this platform for any coach."- Jen Jones, Assistant Athletic Director/Sports Performance at Auburn University


Auburn is among the over 250 elite organizations including teams across every professional sports league and power 5 NCAA conference that use BridgeAthletic to deliver strength and conditioning programs. 


"During the pandemic Bridge has been a great resource for Auburn women’s basketball strength and conditioning. It has enabled me to adjust on the fly to accommodate athletes with varied training accommodations while away from campus. It has also given me insight when developing return to campus acclimation programs by accessing data while athletes were away.  Bridge has been a great resource and we continue to use the system daily."- Lee Taylor, Strength and Conditioning Coach for Auburn Women's Basketball 


BridgeAthletic is utilized by both the Women's and Men's Basketball teams at Auburn University. 


"I have used BridgeTracker for several years now and this platform has dramatically reduced the amount of time I spend on my computer designing programs and that extra time can be spent coaching my
student-athletes on the floor! In the event that I am called to a spur of the moment meeting my graduate assistant has access to all programs via the iPads and he can easily implement the days training in my absence. During the COVID shutdown I was able to create and send remote training programs to our team instantaneously. We also have the EXOS video library that gives my student-athletes a quick
reference point if they cannot recall how to preform and exercise. I highly recommend this application to strength coaches at any level." 
- Damon Davis,  Head Strength and Condition Coach for Auburn Men’s Basketball

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