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At Bridge, we are all athletes and coaches first. As athletes, our team has experienced everything from riding the pine on JV, to winning NCAA championships, to competing in the Olympic Games. As coaches, we have helped countless athletes reach their full potential, winning everything from age group section championships to Olympic Gold Medals.
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Improving Scores on the Ranger Physical Assessment Test

Posted by BridgeAthletic on May 13, 2019 2:09:00 PM

S&C's Impact on US Rangers

This is the latest in a series of research (covered in previous editions of the PowerUp) that promotes the value of S&C for the tactical community.

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The (Legacy) Effects of Training

Posted by BridgeAthletic on May 3, 2019 5:06:33 AM

The Latest

Researchers at Duke University have found a mere eight months of vigorous exercise training may lead to a higher fitness level 10 years later, proving that the ‘legacy effect’ can support us well into our later years.

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Strength Training for Your Breath: IMST Uncovered

Posted by BridgeAthletic on May 1, 2019 3:36:48 PM


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Tips For a Better Night Sleep

Posted by BridgeAthletic on Apr 26, 2019 12:21:07 PM

Sleep is crucial to an athlete's overall performance. However, sleep can be a hard metric to track and control - especially for student athletes. Ways to enhance sleep isn't always a one size fits all. So, we complied a list of different tips to help your athletes get in those important z's. 

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Brining Technology to Performance: Episode #10 Breakdown

Posted by BridgeAthletic on Apr 18, 2019 11:39:07 AM

In our latest episode of Powering Performance, we had the pleasure of connecting with EXOS’ Director of Continuous Improvement, Stefan Underwood and BridgeAthletic CTO Dr. Fadi Zoghzoghy. This episode is jam-packed with great insights on the value of technology. Follow the link to listen in...

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Getting Players Through The Door Pt. 2 - Breakdown of Episode 9 with Evan VanBecelaere

Posted by BridgeAthletic on Mar 21, 2019 10:31:11 AM

With March Madness nearing, our 9th episode of Powering Performance is sure to get you in the spirit. We are joined by University of Oregon’s Director of Performance for Men’s Basketball, Evan VanBecelaere. He shares with us his journey to becoming a Duck and how he is building new relationships across his new role.

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Creating Well-Rounded Athletes

Posted by BridgeAthletic on Jan 29, 2019 9:16:08 AM

Sailing Performance Training founders, Mike Kuschner and Fred Strammer know how to effectively communicate with their athletes to enhance their performance. As we discussed in Part I of our Episode 7 break down, establishing accountability is essential, especially as a remote training organization. Now, we'll take a closer look into some of SPT's training methodologies, specifically when training youth athletes.

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Creating Athlete Accountability

Posted by BridgeAthletic on Jan 23, 2019 7:03:00 AM

As many of you know, each athlete is inherently different. The founders of Sailing Performance Training, Mike Kuschner and Fred Strammer, know what it takes to train each athlete different. As a remote training organization, they strive to provide their athletes with individualized programs and support to ensure their athletes are properly progressing. They do this by forming deep relationships with their athletes so they can understand the needs and concerns of a variety of athletes who they might never be in the same room with.

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Coaching with Coaches

Posted by BridgeAthletic on Jan 8, 2019 10:01:24 AM


Bringing value to your organization is key, no matter the position that you hold. Jim Krumpos, Associate Athletic Director of Sports Performance at University of Arizona shares his expertise on how he has learned to cut through the noise and provide real, lasting value for each of his athletes and clients.

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