October 15, 2020 By BridgeAthletic

BridgeAthletic Announces BridgeFoundation


Our Commitment to Taking Action to Provide Access and Equality in Training. 

At BridgeAthletic, we come to work each and every day to serve our community holistically. Our community is inclusive of all people— all races, all genders, all sexual orientations and all countries of origin.


The recent acts and history of violence towards African Americans are abhorrent and are a result of institutionalized racism and systemic oppression. We will not be silent about what visibly plagues our society and we are committed to doing our part to dismantle these systems that continue to harm BIPOC. 


For centuries overt, tacit and de-jure segregation and discrimination have been woven into the fabric of all institutions— including sport. We acknowledge, uplift and celebrate the Black and Brown people who have contributed to our global athletic heritage despite this reality. 


In an ideal set of circumstances, sport is a true meritocracy where the best and most prepared athletes prevail.  Even as competition victory is largely merit based, the roads to the arena are far from equally paved


We’ve noticed this as we see and contribute to huge advances being made in training, nutrition and technology over the last 3 decades. As these methods have been increasingly applied in youth sports, an unfair, advantaged path has evolved for those with resources. This is inequitable and it threatens future diversity and representation in sport.


We, like everyone in positions of power, have a responsibility to take action in this moment. We are leveraging our tools and our network to pave new roads of opportunity through access to and opportunity for high level training.


These and other resources we have built are privileges currently available to only those who can afford them and that needs to change. While we acknowledge that things are not, and have not been perfectly equal in sport, we are hopeful and see sport as a light that shines possibility on what equality can look like across society at large. 


In the next coming weeks, we will launch the BridgeFoundation. It is through this organization that we will be able to provide training resources and tools to a number of youth sports organizations, who currently lack access to these resources.


Our commitment is to truly level the playing field.


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About the Author


At Bridge, we are all athletes and coaches first. As athletes, our team has experienced everything from riding the pine on JV, to winning NCAA championships, to competing in the Olympic Games. As coaches, we have helped countless athletes reach their full potential, winning everything from age group section championships to Olympic Gold Medals.

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