July 08, 2021 By BridgeAthletic

California State University, Los Angeles Partners with BridgeAthletic


BridgeAthletic, the industry’s most advanced high-performance training software for coaches and athletes, is proud to work with California State University, Los Angeles

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“When designing our Fall 2021 program suite, we had to accommodate our athletes’ varying access to equipment and their divergent training status. Through the use of Bridge’s new playlist function, our staff was able to set up multiple tiers of programs under one umbrella in order to provide everything the student-athlete needed, regardless of training status or equipment availability. This saved us time assigning and reassigning different programs as gyms opened back up or students traveled to or from their homes.”
-Arjan Dougan from California State University, Los Angeles


Cal State LA is among the over 250 elite organizations including teams across every professional sports league and power 5 NCAA conference that use BridgeAthletic to deliver strength and conditioning programs. 

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