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BridgeAthletic and Hyperice Partnership


Hyperice Routines and Exercises Now Available on BridgeAthletic

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Irvine, CA and San Francisco, CA August 10th, 2021 — Hyperice, the industry leader in recovery technology and pioneer of percussion, vibration, dynamic air compression, and thermal technology, and BridgeAthletic, the industry’s most advanced high-performance training software for coaches and athletes, today announced a strategic content-sharing partnership. Through this collaboration, coaches, athletes, and trainers leveraging BridgeAthletic software to improve programs and performance will have access to recovery routines and exercises curated by experts in the Hyperice network.

“BridgeAthletic is one of the most innovative strength and conditioning coaching platforms in the world, and it is an honor to partner with them to take their programming to the next level with Hyperice’s second-to-none recovery programs,” said Brendan Bergson, Director of Business Development at Hyperice. “This is a very natural partnership and we look forward to working together on a comprehensive approach to help coaches and athletes reach new heights of success.”

With the Hyperice implementation, BridgeAthletic is adding guided recovery sessions to its existing instructional video library of over 2,500 high-quality movements. Coaches will be able to deliver training plans that prescribe custom recovery routines tailored to each athlete’s unique needs. By combining customized Hyperice recovery routines and recommendations with the high-level strength and conditioning training already offered on BridgeAthletic’s software, the partnership aims to help athletes stay in peak physical shape throughout demanding workout regimens.

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“We’re pleased to partner with Hyperice, the leader in recovery, to expand our impact on human performance.” says Charlie Steffens, Vice President of Business Development at BridgeAthletic. “Our technology empowers coaches, trainers, and athletes around the world at the highest levels of sport. We’re excited to work with Hyperice to keep executing on our mission to improve outcomes with an emphasis on recovery.”

With this partnership, BridgeAthletic’s platform has added recovery to its market-leading training technology for strength and conditioning. Hyperice’s recovery routines and exercises span percussion, vibration, dynamic air compression and thermal technology. Both Hyperice and BridgeAthletic work with some of the world’s top athletes within the NBA, MLB, NFL, collegiate and tactical organizations. A few of these elite performance organizations received early access to the Hyperice content in BridgeAthletic’s platform and are already seeing results. 

“The integration has allowed for increased usage of recovery tools, greater harmony between therapy and S&C programming, and improves our athlete management capabilities from a single tech system.” says Lacey Jahn, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, School of Infantry – East. “Inevitably, this partnership helps prevent injury, decrease time to return to duty from injury, and increases a Marines performance inside and outside of our facility.”


Coaches and trainers who would like to use Hyperice recovery routines within the BridgeAthletic platform can request early access on the BridgeAthletic website. New subscribers can take advantage of a 30-day free trial in order to try out the experience.

About Hyperice

Hyperice is on a mission to help the world move better. As the global recovery technology leader, specializing in vibration, percussion and thermal technology, Hyperice is used by the most elite athletes, professional sports leagues and teams to optimize player performance. Hyperice has applied its technology and know-how to industries such as fitness, esports, healthcare, massage, and workplace wellness on a global scale. In March 2020, Hyperice acquired Normatec, innovators of cutting-edge dynamic compression systems, in December 2020 acquired RecoverX, pioneers of intelligent thermal technologies, to deliver next-generation performance and wellness solutions and in July 2021 acquired Core, both an app and a handheld meditation device designed to track heart rate and stress levels. For more information, visit

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BridgeAthletic builds high-performance training tools for coaches, trainers, physical therapists, and athletes at the highest levels of their field. BridgeAthletic’s market-leading platform allows industry practitioners to leverage the power of the cloud and big data to revolutionize the way performance programs are created, delivered, and tracked. Bridge works with over 250 elite organizations including teams across every professional sports league and power 5 NCAA conference, as well as a number of national governing bodies and youth organizations.

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