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Nick's Strength Training Series - Speed and Recovery Part III

Posted by Nick Folker on Jan 17, 2014 7:03:00 AM

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Speed strength training


Welcome, Bridge coaches and athletes, to the third installation of the Speed and Recovery Series. Today, our resident Olympians will be taking us through the speed exercise, Incline Streamline Pushup, and the recovery, 3-Way Kneeling Lat Stretch. The Incline Streamline Pushup is an upper-body plyometric exercise. It is great for developing fast-twitch speed in the upper-extremities and hips. The 3-Way Kneeling Lat Stretch focuses on the muscles used in the ballistic upper-body movement, and is an excellent way to the body to recover and prepare for competition.


Don't forget, stay hydrated and make good nutritional selections as you prepare for your upcoming competitions. Stay tuned, as next week Nick Folker will dive into Part IV of this strength trainingseries.

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