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Nick's Strength Training Series - Speed and Recovery Part IV

Posted by Nick Folker on Jan 24, 2014 7:39:00 AM

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Bridge coaches and athletes, following is the final video in our Speed and Recovery Series. For this week's episode, we will preview the Medball Ballistic Pushup and the 3-Way Shoulder Stretch Series. The MB Ballistic Pushup may seem to be an upper-body exercise, but I classify it as a full-body plyometric exercise. It will help increase upper-body power, while strengthening the mid-section and lower back. It is a complete fingertips-to-toes movement. To relieve pressure placed on the shoulder joints and scapula, I have chosen to focus on the 3-Way Shoulder Stretch Series. This series will help the muscles used in the previous ballistic movement to recover for the next bout of speed work.

I hope that the strength training series has helped you add some plyometrics to your workouts and recovery to your training regime, helping you prepare for your competition phase.

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