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Nick's Travel Training Series - Post-Travel Stretches

Posted by Nick Folker on Dec 13, 2013 1:28:00 PM

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Shoulder Stretching

Bridge fans, it is great to have you back to the third episode of our four-part travel training series. Today, I will take you through a sequence of post-travel stretches that has helped my athletes overcome their trips and prepare for competition. The post-travel stretch routine is often overlooked because of fatigue or having to rush to get to the competition venue. No matter your reason, it's time to build a post-travel stretch progression into your arrival routine. Take five minutes as a team to go through this sequence, and see the benefits is has on your body, especially the day after travel.


To summarize, this sequence is an excellent starting point. Feel free to incorporate more stretching exercises or foam rolling for a more extensive routine. The stretches mentioned in the video include:
  1. Lower Back Rollout Stretch
  2. Lower-Back Single Leg Lateral Stretch
  3. Lying Groin Stretch
  4. Cobra
  5. Piriformis
  6. 3-Way Shoulder Stretch

There you have it, Bridge fans, the third episode of our travel series. Tune in next week to catch the fourth and final chapter, the Pre-Competition Warmup.

Did you miss the first two parts of the series? You can catch Nick Folker's second episode of the travel series, The Layover, here, and find his first, Pre-Travel Stretches, here.

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