December 12, 2014 By Nick Folker

Water Polo Pre-Workout Warm-up



ODP pre-workout warmup

This post is part one of our four part USA Water Polo ODP dry-land series.  


Along with the US Water Polo Olympic Development Program, we have created a pre-workout warm-up to prepare athletes for each training session with an emphasis on injury prevention. This dynamic warm-up is comprised of active stretching and repetitions that prime the body for exercise by increasing blood flow to working muscles and activating the nervous system.

A dynamic warm-up elevates an athlete's body temperature to an optimal level for muscular contraction. The movement patterns required

in a dynamic warm-up demand neuromuscular coordination. Prior to a workout, the rehearsal of these movements and the steady increase in body temperature help loosen muscles and surrounding tissue. The pre-workout warm-up includes whole body movement patterns and incorporates various muscle group. Listed below are a few examples to get you started.  


Jumping Jacks

A full-body warm-up movement to elevate heart rate and raise core temperature.



Another dynamic warm-up to prepare your upper and lower body.


Toy Soldiers

A non-static leg raise targeting your hamstrings.



Shoulder rotations to help warm-up the rotator cuff. Water polo athletes should focus their attention on warming up their rotator cuff--especially in the shooting arm--to prevent injury.



Range of motion warm-up for the shoulders with an emphasis on overhead activation.

Shoulder and chest wamrup.


Bent-Over Windmill

Chest stretch to open up your chest and back.  The bent position helps activare the hamstrings and back.



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