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Agility Variation | BridgeAthletic

Posted by BridgeAthletic on May 22, 2020 12:47:33 AM

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This weeks #BridgeFit variation brought to you by BridgeAthletic in collaboration with EXOS is an agility variation. Every week we'll examine variations and modifications of exercises to optimize performance, mitigate injuries, and power the plateaus. 

Variation 1: Acceleration Wall Drill - Running

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Cue 1:Leaning against wall. Raise heels.

Cue 2: Raise right knee to 90 degrees.

Cue 3: As knee returns to starting position, exchanged opposite leg to raise position.

Cue 4: Repeat exchanged movement continuously.

Cue 5: Repeat for prescribed reps or time.

Variation 2: Lateral Shuffle - Continuous

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Cue 1:Start in a standing position with feet hip distance apart. Sink into a deep knee bend and bring both hands up to chest

Cue 2:Start with right foot moving right and left foot following. Shuffle right for four steps, then move left for four steps.

Cue 3: Continue shuffling right - left for the desired time.

Variation 3: 3 Hurdle Drill - Continuous 

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Cue 1:Standing. Perpendicular to hurdles. Feet hip width apart. Chest up. Arms relaxed.

Cue 2: Hop over hurdle. Lead with inside leg. Land softly. As trail foot touches hop over next hurdle with lead leg.

Cue 3: Use arms to drive movement. Work on minimal touch with each foot. Drive knees high.

Cue 4: Slight pause at end. Change direction. Return over hurdles to start side.


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