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#BridgeBuilt Series: Pleasanton Seahawks

Posted by BridgeAthletic on Jan 20, 2016 3:03:03 PM

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The BridgeBuilt Pleasanton Seahawks

Young Olympian Training Ground

Every day at BridgeAthletic headquarters, we hear tales from coaches and athletes across sports of how Bridge programs have helped them - by making the athletes stronger, the coaches wiser, or the team more unified and confident than ever. These are stories of championships, obstacles overcome, and goals achieved. It’s what keeps us doing what we do every day, striving to build better athletes across sports and around the world. But instead of keeping these tales of glory and greatness to ourselves, we’d like to share them with you through our #BridgeBuilt series featuring a team or athlete that has achieved great results while using the BridgeAthletic platform. 

The Pleasanton Seahawks – a swim club from the East Bay in Northern California and early BridgeAthletic Team subscriber – has seen great success recently as a team and with their individual athletes. In addition to placing first in the large team division at the CA-NV Sectionals last month, they had 14 swimmers qualify for Winter Junior Nationals, and 4 swimmers age 18 & younger(!) qualify for the Olympic Trials this June with 2 more on the cusp.

When we talked to Coach Steve Morsili about his training methodology and how the Bridge program has fit into that, he highlighted how engaging the program is for his athletes, getting them to stick to the strength training, noting “the swimmers really enjoy it!” That’s not to say, however, that it was easy on them. He praised the customized content for each athlete, saying the program is “deceptively difficult” as it addresses the personalized needs of each swimmer’s body and their stroke(s).

Finally, as an early adopting team of the BridgeStrength Elite package, Pleasanton has a member of the Bridge High Performance Team join the club for workouts in person. This high-touch service with continued feedback on form and exercises has been “invaluable” for both Coach Morsili and his athletes.

Our biggest congratulations go out to Coach Morsili and all the championship athletes at the Pleasanton Seahawks! Keep up the great work and good luck preparing for Trials!


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