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Building Blocks: Front Bridge Progression Summary

Posted by Nick Folker on Sep 24, 2015 9:39:46 PM

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Day 5: Front Bridge Up Downs

The final exercise in the progression brings all of the previous exercises togetther - unilateral extremity movement, full-body stability and vertical movement.

The key to the Up-Downs is to stabilise your hips not only for the single-arm movement but for the press up from the floor and the consequent return to the floor. When people refer to core work, there are few movements that target the different movement patterns of the mid-section as well as this exercise. This exercise is especially  helpful for athletes trying to stabilse and brace for contact sports.

Exercise 5: Front Bridge Up Down


Start lying flat on the ground. Push up on to your elbows with hands flat on the ground forming a straight line from the crown of your head through your tailbone. Pull your belly button in to decrease the hollow in the lower-back. Set your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Once you have stabilzed your mid-section, press up from the floor with your right arm, then with the left. Pause in the pushup position, with back flat and a slight bend at the elbow joint. Return to the floor in a controlled movement, first with the right arm, then the left, keeping your hips from rocking side-to-side or rotating. Pause at the start position, then rep for prescribed reps, alternating arms with each rep. 

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Now it's your turn:

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