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Building Blocks: The Front Bridge Series Day 3

Posted by Nick Folker on Sep 23, 2015 7:42:16 AM

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The Front Bridge Rocker is a great exercise for shoulder joint stability and mobility. The key to the progression to the Front Bridge Rocker from the regular Front Bridge is the horizontal movement or rocking. Remember the movement is not an up/down movement. To ensure this, the midsection and muscles around the hip capsule are crucial for keeping your hips inline and not allowing the up/down movement.


Exercise 2: Front Bridge



Start lying flat on the ground. Push up on to your elbows with hands flat on the ground forming a straight line from the crown of your head through your tailbone. Pull your belly button in to decrease the hollow in the lower-back. Keep your feet hip-width apart. In a rocking motion push your body forward from your toes, moving your head over your hands. In a controlled movement push back from your hands. Rock back on your toes making sure your hips are inline and back is flat. Keep the rocking motion smooth and controlled. Emphasize perfect technique for short increments of time. As you become more comfortable, gradually increase these increments while mainting perfect form.



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