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Building Blocks: The Body Weight Pullup Progression Day 2

Posted by Nick Folker on Aug 18, 2015 10:48:00 AM

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Day 2: The Supine Row Hold

Welcome to day 2 of the Building Blocks progression powered by BridgeAthletic. Today we will be introducing the Supine Row Hold. 

The Supine Row Hold is an isometric exercise that is a great follow-up to the Band Bent-Over Neck Pull. After working on thoracic extension and focusing on correct scapular tracking, the Supine Row Hold introduces the static hold to the progression.


Exercise 2: Supine Row Hold  

The Supine Row Hold is an isometric exercise that can lead to strength gains without adding muscle, which improves an athlete’s strength-to-weight ratio.


Set your hands about 3 fists wider than shoulder-width apart. Starting in a supine position, pushing through your heels, pull your body up and as close to the bar as possible without arching your back.  Squeeze your elbows in to your side and hold this position for the required amount of time.
To end the exercise, lower yourself slowly to the ground. Stretch your lats and shoulders in-between sets for best performance.

For athletes that are not proficient in upper-body pulling exercises, or who need to improve their strength-to-weight ratio, set the bar at chest height to start. As an athlete improves in strength, then move the bar height closer to the floor to increase difficulty.

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