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Creating a Structure for Success

Posted by BridgeAthletic on Nov 3, 2018 10:12:02 AM

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Implementing & Evaluating Tools in the Gym

It all starts with how you utilize your time, space and tools while in the gym. Establishing a structure can be an easy way to kick start being more efficient and effective during training. At AS Roma they did just this. They realized that both the organization of their staff and their physical structure were areas that could improve.

What does that mean?

It can be as simple as the organization of your training center or weight room.

For the Roma staff, it meant adding a kitchen for the nutritionist right by the locker room so players had no choice but to take advantage of this tool. Walking in or walking out of the training center - they were getting fueled properly.

Read more about how and why to fuel your athletes. 

AS Roma capitalized on using physical design to establish a fluid workflow for their whole organization. They put a large emphasis on becoming more unified as a staff.

This meant communicating not just more, but communicating better.

To achieve this goal, they created staff meeting rooms in their facility. They established a designated place to focus their energy on communicating and collaborating with one another. Now they can easily meet to discuss what's going on with the team, analyze reoccurring trends, consider new strategies and review their next steps. All as a unified team.  

A part from physical design, establishing a cohesive structure for their staff is one way AS Roma was able to mitigate the chaos of multiple training paths and plans and establish a robust training system

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Pro Tip: Integrate business methodology into your team organization.

Let's break this down a bit - Darcy & Ed began by using two different methodologies Supply Chain Management and Complex Systems Thinking.

These two methods go hand in hand.

Supply Chain Management makes sure nothing gets left behind. Put simply, it guides the coaches and players along the path towards every player's development. It's a tool to streamline how each coach approaches his/her work. It puts an emphasis on the details and allows for a confident staff and unified team.

Complex Systems Thinking takes these checklists established through Supply Chain Management and shifts the focus to communication. Each member of the staff is thinking about the team's end goal. Instead of thinking of just physical equipments as tools to utilize - Roma ensured every coach and every choice was a tool to guide their players towards optimal performance. There is much more to be learned about how AS Roma implemented these methodologies, wanna take a deeper dive?  Go ahead.


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