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This weeks #BridgeFit variation brought to you by BridgeAthletic in collaboration with EXOS is a dumbbell upper push variation. Every week we'll examine variations and modifications of exercises to optimize performance, mitigate injuries, and power the plateaus. 

Variation 1: Bench Press - Alternating Dumbbell




Cue 1: Lie face up on bench. DBs elevated over chest. Arms extended over shoulders, do not lock elbows.

Cue 2: Lower one DB to extended chest-line. Opposite DB, arm extended. Head neutral.

Cue 3: Push DB to starting position. Don't lock elbows.

Cue 4: Repeat alternating arms for prescribed reps.

Variation 2: Overhead Press - Standing Dumbbell

Cue 1: Stand. Feet hip width, toes forward. DBs above shoulders. Chest up, back flat.

Cue 2: Push DBs upward, extending arms. DBs meet above head. Chest up, back flat.

Cue 3: Lower DBs to starting position. Chest up, back flat. Repeat for prescribed reps.

Variation 3: Pull Over to Extension - Dumbbell


Cue 1:Lie face up on bench. DB elevated over chest. Arms extended holding DB in both hands.

Cue 2: Maintain tight torso. Keep your head, shoulders, and hips on the bench. Keep your elbows in tight.

Cue 3: Lower the DB behind your head, bending your elbows as teh DB passes your head.

Cue 4: Extend your arms and straighten your elbows as you raise the DB back over your chest. Repeat for prescribed reps


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