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February 12, 2019 By Maia Monell

Exercising Power- Episode #8 with Dr Brian Gearity



In our eighth episode of Powering Performance, we sat down with Dr. Brian Gearity, coach, professor, 3x author to hear how we can improve our coach/athlete relationship by examining the interactions and relationships that impact our athletes and their progress.
Check out these spoilers…

♦ 02:30- Intros & the path from powerlifting, to the MLB, to professorship. 


♦ 13:00 Power-Knowledge Theory & the innate control a coach holds in the weight room. Power's all about how we influence other people. It's what establishes a relationship. Is the power you wield constructive or harmful? 


18:00 Calling on your work. Learn how to evaluate your own experiences to recall and learn from each 'anecdote.' 


♦  22:00 Defining the coaching environment and its impacts on both yourself and your athletes. Time management & physical space can define a team's development.


♦ 27:00 The 'unintended effects' of your coaching and how to critique methodology. Here's how to create a positive structure to mitigate these effects. They aren't necessarily what you think they are...


♦ 34:44 How coaches exercise power & the problem with that familiar term, "buy in."


38:58 Defining microagression with some very real examples. Communication can be everything- especially across the coach and athlete relationship. Were you not entertained?? 


♦ 43:11 Women in sport coaching & the varying categories of bias in coaching. 


♦ 48:08 Tools and examples to help improve your relationship with your athletes, based on Dr. Gearity's research and findings. 

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Thanks again to Dr. Gearity for joining us for another episode of Powering Performance!

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