November 11, 2021 By BridgeAthletic

Building Connections with Megan Young


In this episode of Powering Performance, we are joined by Megan Young, formerly the High Performance Director at the Chicago Red Stars and currently a Performance Coach at the Seattle Sounders. Tune in to hear more about building connections, helping athletes overcome barriers, and some main differences in working with Professional and college athletes.

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Check out these three highlights:

1. Megan shares the dynamic process of building connections with athletes and other coaches. 

“The thing I like to say first if I'm meeting someone, I'm like, "Tell me your story. Don't leave anything out," and just listen.” 


2. Megan explains the importance of athletes learning how to sit with their discomfort. 

'You can sit and meditate and meditation could be the hard thing, just sitting still. But if we can practice actually struggling and choosing some discomfort and repeatedly doing that and sitting with it well, there's a type of resilience, there's a type of cellular change, there's a type of mindset that comes from that that nothing else allows for."


3. Megan shares some of the differences in training professional and collegiate athletes. 

"The kind of stigma of how we look at chronological age versus biological age versus talent, those things are important conversations to have, even if it's just in building your own system."


Connect with Megan Young

Instagram: @coach_megastrong

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Thanks to Megan Young for joining us! 

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