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September 10, 2019 By Maia Monell

Heart Rate Variability Training with Trever Gray




In our third episode of this new season, we sat down with heart rate variability expert, former swimmer, and professor at Tacoma College, Trever Gray.

Tune in to hear how Trever's leveraging these innovative protocols across his training and teaching. Whether you're a trainer, manager, or strength coach, get ready to explore a new method of training, intensity, and most importantly recovery.

Powering Performance with Trever Gray


Check out these spoilers…

♦ 00:00 - 5:30  Trever's swim career, athletic and professional triumphs, set backs, motivation and successes on his path to Tacoma. 


6:00-8:00 Learning about HRV: the background, theory, and value of training based on heart rate variability (HRV).

"There was no way to assess how any athlete is doing with their current stress load, until HRV came along. Now we are able to non-invasively take daily HRV measurements to assess how the athletes is adapting to their stress level."


9:00-17:00 How S&C is developing with the new wave of HRV. Are you ready to integrate daily HRV tracking into your methodology? Here's what to use, what to ask, and how to implement HRV.

"HRV is very complex. You need a human (a physiologist) to help the coach and athlete to read and interpret the data and increase communication."


17:30-21:00 There are some drawbacks to making Heart Rate Variability mainstream. What's your elevator pitch? 


22:00-31:00  HRV training transcends sports. Does it actually enhance athletic performance? What if we did a day-to-day periodized training model, guided by HRV? This is innovative training. Tune in to hear what Trever recommends for large coaching environments.

"Before you make an important trade on Wall Street, make sure you check your HRV..."


31:00-34:00 Educating athletes about Heart Rate Variability training is tough. These are Trever's key insights and recommendations. Your athletes need to know that easier or "light days" are sometimes better.


35:00-end Rapid fire, balancing work loads, finding resources and connect with Trever at Streamlined Swim Coaching.

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Connect with Trever

Questions for Trever? Connect with him on his blog or shoot him an email:

Thanks to Trever for joining us for this third episode of Season 2! 

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