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Holiday Circuit 2020 | BridgeAthletic



Our 2020 holiday workout is a 10 min lower body circuit. Add this circuit to a workout or complete it on its own if you're short for time.   

Complete all exercises below and then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat 4 times. 

Exercise 1: "The Snow Trudge" - Split Squat Isometric

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Cue 1:Stand. Feet at hip width. Chest up, back flat..

Cue 2:Step backward.

Cue 3: Plant back foot, front knee over ankle, back knee toward floor. Hold for prescribed time.

Cue 4: Drive off back foot to starting position.

Exercise 2: "Up the Chimney" - Squat Jump Continuous

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Cue 1: Standing. Feet hip width. Chest up, back flat.

Cue 2: Quarter squat. Extend hips, swing arms, drive through heels to lift body.

Cue 3: Land softly with your hips back and down. Quickly repeat for prescribed reps.

Cue 4: Extend hips, knees, ankles. Elevate body from floor. Switch leg position while elevated.

Cue 5: Absorb weight in lunge position.

Exercise 3: "Evade Guard Dog" - Lateral Shuffle - Continuous

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Cue 1: Start in a standing position with feet hip distance apart. Sink into a deep knee bend and bring both hands up to chest

Cue 2: Start with right foot moving right and left foot following. Shuffle right for four steps, then move left for four steps.

Cue 3: Continue shuffling right - left for the desired time.

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