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How to Use Program Invitation Links

Posted by BridgeAthletic on Oct 15, 2020 11:17:51 AM

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Program Invitation Links are a really efficient way for coaches to have athletes join both a team and training program in just a few simple steps.



Program Invitation Links were designed to help coaches out with a few different workflows:
1. Assign Training to New Athletes 
Now you can use the Program Invitation Link to invite an athlete to Bridge AND assign them a training program, all from one link! Your Program Invitation Link (Designated on the Team level) will ask your athletes to register their email, which will first add them to the appropriate team and then automatically assign them the program associated with that link. 
2. Easily Assign Individual Copies of a Program
Through the Programs Invitation Links process, you will be asked if you want this link to apply to a Group or an Individual program. If you select Individual, once an athlete clicks on that link, it will make an individual cloned version of the program and assign it specifically to them.
 3. Mass Assign Training to a Whole Team
Create a Group program invitation link and send it in a single message to your entire team. Athletes can simply click the link to join the program and start working out through the mobile device app!
Coaches can get creative with Program Invitation Links. These links can be shared over email, text message, through social media or on websites to help grow online training business and efficiently get new and current athletes training on Bridge.
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