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Inside the Program Design Process with an Exos Performance Specialist


In this article, we will explore how the BridgeAthletic tools and technology combine seamlessly with Exos' proven methodology to achieve outstanding outcomes for coaches, trainers, and athletes. Giovanni Urrutia, a Tactical Education Specialist at Exos, will take us through the Exos training system, which consists of eight distinct components driven by principles. He has trained elite-level tactical populations, provided performance coaching for professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, NHL, and PGA, and created and delivered over 4,500 hours of performance methodology education. Urrutia is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Exos Performance Specialist (XPS).


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Understanding the Frameworks


Exos firmly believes that movement is the language of the body and they have developed a unique approach to training that categorizes movements into four types: total body, upper body, lower body, and rotational. These movement types serve as the framework for their programs, as they prioritize function and overall movement patterns over isolated muscle exercises.


By focusing on movement, Exos aims to achieve more effective outcomes and optimize performance. This approach is grounded in the understanding that the body is a complex system of interconnected parts that work together to perform movements, not just individual muscles. In this way, Exos' methodology takes a holistic approach to training that seeks to optimize the body's overall function, rather than just individual components.


Using movement as the foundation of their programs, Exos is able to create a highly effective and efficient training system that delivers outstanding results for coaches, trainers, and athletes alike.

"Exos’ integration with Bridge makes it very easy to leverage this framework in our programming and do so on a large scale. With the number of programs we create, you can imagine how chaotic it would be if we didn’t have an underlying training system tying everything together."

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The Rule of Specificity


To illustrate the importance of specificity, Urrutia shares his experience working with a nonprofit organization called Shields and Stripes. When working with first responders and tactical communities who are transitioning to new identities, it's crucial to take into account each individual's unique circumstances and injuries. While a master program can provide a solid foundation, it's not enough to address the specific needs of each participant.


Working with a group of 8 individuals, each with different injuries and surgical procedures that required specific modifications to the program, Urrutia and his team emphasize that it's not enough to simply exclude certain movements for individuals who can't perform them. It's crucial to take into account their limitations and create programs that accommodate those limitations while still challenging them.

"It’s not good enough to say, well, everybody has to Trap Bar Deadlift just because it is in our master program. If Josh can’t Trap Bar Deadlift, we can’t tell him —  ‘Hey Josh, you can't do this today. Let’s just hang back for a little bit.’ That’s not acceptable."

This approach not only ensures that each participant is able to achieve their goals but by prioritizing specificity in training programs, coaches and trainers can help their athletes achieve optimal performance and reach their full potential.


Elevating the Game


Urrutia's emphasis on specificity is not limited to tactical populations alone. It is a concept that can be applied across various training scenarios. Coaches and trainers must consider their own effectiveness and whether their sessions or programming are easily replaceable. By incorporating specificity, they can set themselves apart from their peers and deliver a more personalized training experience that caters to each athlete's unique needs and goals.


This approach not only helps athletes achieve optimal performance but also fosters a stronger coach-athlete relationship, which is crucial for long-term success. In today's competitive fitness industry, coaches and trainers who prioritize specificity are more likely to retain clients, build a loyal following, and elevate their game to the next level.


Bridging the Gap


Urrutia highlights the combination of the Exos training system and the Bridge platform as a valuable tool for creating individualized programs. While many trainers use Excel for programming, Bridge is specifically designed for coaches and trainers. It offers a simple, efficient, and repeatable solution for creating master programs and client-specific variations. With Bridge, trainers can easily generate splinter programs that meet the unique needs of each individual.


Giovanni Urrutia's approach to individualized programming emphasizes the power of specificity. By prioritizing movement over isolated muscle exercises and tailoring programs to the unique circumstances and injuries of individuals, trainers can deliver more effective and personalized training experiences. The combination of the Exos training system and the Bridge platform streamlines the process, enabling trainers to create scalable programs that meet the diverse needs of their clients. Embracing specificity allows trainers to elevate their game and provide a training experience that is unmatched in its effectiveness and personalization.

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