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Lower Pull Variation | BridgeAthletic

Posted by BridgeAthletic on Jun 23, 2020 10:31:56 AM

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This weeks #BridgeFit variation brought to you by BridgeAthletic in collaboration with EXOS is an upper pull variation. Every week we'll examine variations and modifications of exercises to optimize performance, mitigate injuries, and power the plateaus. 

Variation 1:Leg Curl (Slide) 

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Cue 1: Lie on back on slideboard, knees bent, sliders/socks on both feet.

Cue 2: Raise back and hips off ground, knees in line with body.

Cue 3: Slowly slide feet away from body with lower back off ground until body is flat.

Cue 4: Slide feet back to starting position with back still off ground.


Variation 2: Glute Bridge 

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Cue 1: Lie on back. Bend knees, feet on floor near butt. Butt, back, head, arms all on floor.

Cue 2: Elevate hips. Engage core. Shoulders, torso, thighs, knees all aligned.

Cue 3: Hold for prescribed time.

Variation 3: DB Deadlift 

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Cue 1: Standing. Fit hip width, toes slightly angled out. DBs resting on boxes.

Cue 2: Bend at knees. Back flat, chest up. Knees over ankles. Weight on the heels. Both hands grab DB.

Cue 3 :Drive through heels. Lift body. Back flat, chest up. Sink hips to starting position. Repeat.


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