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Lunge Variation | BridgeAthletic

Posted by BridgeAthletic on May 1, 2020 6:07:13 PM

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This weeks #BridgeFit variation brought to you by BridgeAthletic in collaboration with EXOS is a lunge variation. Every week we'll examine variations and modifications of exercises to optimize performance, mitigate injuries, and power the plateaus. 

Variation 1:Reverse Lunge - Alternating

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Cue 1:Standing. Toes facing forward, feet hip width. Chest up, back flat.

Cue 2: Step backward. Sink hips, front knee over front ankle. Chest up, back flat.

Cue 3:Front knee over front ankle. Hips knee height. Body and back knee lowered toward floor.

Cue 4: Push off back foot. Continue to drive with lead foot to start position. Repeat alternating legs.

Variation 2: Walking Lunges

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Cue 1:Standing position. Feet hip width, toes facing forward. Chest up, back flat.

Cue 2:Step forward. Sink hips. Front knee over front ankle, back knee toward floor. Chest up.

Cue 3: Drive off back foot and through front foot. Directly step forward. Lunge. Repeat.

Variation 3: Lateral Lunge

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Cue 1: Standing position. Feet hip width, toes facing forward. Chest up, back flat.

Cue 2: Step laterally, foot slightly pointed. Sink hips, extended knee over foot, base leg straight.

Cue 3:Drive off extended foot to starting position. Repeat alternating legs.


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