June 05, 2020 By BridgeAthletic

May 2020 Features | Webinar


This webinar walks through the web features released in May 2020. 

Topics Covered: 

1) New Block Types. How to build using AMRAP, EMOM, and RFT blocks. 

2) Using Benchmarks. Coaches can now track work on the block level for AMRAP, EMOM and RFT. Once these sets are completed, they will flow into the Activity Report and can be pulled up in the Leaderboard.

3) Last selected content categories. Now, in the exercise search module or while looking through the tabs of the library the last content category selected will be the default category. For example, if you toggle from "all" to "EXOS" in the exercise search module. The next time you open the exercise search module the EXOS exercise content will display.

4) Set Templates are now saved on the organization level. Meaning, if another coach saves a set template, all coaches in the organization can use this set template when building. 

5)  Rearranging workouts for playlist programs. On the program calendar, coaches can drag and drop the workout days to rearrange the order the workouts are presented to the athlete. 

6) Exercise notes can now be included when printing workouts. 


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