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Building Blocks: The Bi-Lateral Lower Extremity Jump Progression Day 2

Posted by Nick Folker on Sep 15, 2015 4:37:45 PM

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Once the athlete has learnt the correct mechanics of the box jump and how to land on a soft, low box, we like to introduce Star Jumps. The Star Jump is a low-level plyometric that can be used by all levels of athletes. Athlete's must focus on full hip extension. Extension allows athletes get as high as possible in the air, which facilitates a soft, controlled landing. Unline the box jump, where athletes were focusing on single reps the start up forces athletes to progress to continuous repetitions. Instead, the Star Jump emphasises height per jump and power endurance as a result of the sets being continuous reps. 

Exercise 2: Star Jump


Start in a 1/2 squat postion with feet together and hands resting lightly on your knees. Jump up and sread your arms and legs as wide as you can in a "star" shape. Focus on getting full hip extension and you jump as high as you can while "opening" up as much as possible in the air. Come back to the start position, landing as soflty as possible, using the knee bend to absorb the landing. To start, pause after each rep to gain control before progressing to continuous reps. As you improve your jumping and landing efficiency, move toward continuous jumps without a pause.



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