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Are you participating in Squatober? Here are a few squat variations to add to a workout this month. 

Variation 1: Bodyweight Squat 

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Cue 1: Stand. Feet at hip width. Chest up, back flat.

Cue 2: Sink hips, butt back, thighs parallel to floor. Extend arms in front of body. Hold.

Cue 3: Drive through heels to start position.


Variation 2: Split Squat

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Cue 1: Standing, feet in lunge position. Back flat and chest up. Front knee over front ankle.

Cue 2: Sink hips. Front knee over front ankle. Back knee toward floor. Chest up and back flat.

Cue 3: Drive through front foot, lifting body. Chest up, back flat. Reset and repeat.


Variation 3:Lateral Squat

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Cue 1: Stand, wide stance. Back flat, chest up, arms extended in front of body.

Cue 2: Transition weight to one side. Sink hips, butt back. Knee over ankle. Toes should remain straight ahead

Cue 3: Drive through heel, return to starting position. Repeat movement for opposite leg.

Cue 4: Return to starting position. Repeat, alternating legs for prescribed reps.


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