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April 26, 2019 By BridgeAthletic

Tips For a Better Night Sleep


Sleep is crucial to an athlete's overall performance. However, sleep can be a hard metric to track and control - especially for student athletes. Ways to enhance sleep isn't always a one size fits all. So, we complied a list of different tips to help your athletes get in those important z's. 



You want a cave-like environment

1. A quiet space. Use earplugs if needed. 

2. A dark room with very little to no light source 

3.  A cool room - between 60 - 67 degrees Fahrenheit

4. A room without a clock. Turn your clock away from you so you aren't tempted to watch the clock 



1. Avoid caffeine up to 4 hours before bed time 

2. Implement a wind-down routine 

3. Practice visualization and meditation exercises 

4. Unplug your devices and stay off screens near bed time

5. Reduce alcohol intake 

6. Maintain a sleep schedule

7. Get daily sunshine and fresh air 


For more information on how to enhance your athletes sleep check out these great resources: 

1. How to sleep like a pro (athlete)

2. 10 tips to help athletes sleep better 

3. 10 sleep strategies for peak athlete performance 

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