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Today's #BridgeFit workout is a 15 minute total body circuit.  

30 seconds Walking Lunges

30 seconds Push Up to Lateral Plank

30 seconds Lateral Bound to Stabilize 

30 seconds Lateral Pillar Bridge - Feet Stacked


Exercise 1: Walking Lunges


Cue 1: Standing position. Feet hip width, toes facing forward. Chest up, back flat.

Cue 2: Step forward. Sink hips. Front knee over front ankle, back knee toward floor. Chest up.

Cue 3: Drive off back foot and through front foot. Directly step forward. Lunge. Repeat.

Exercise 2: Burpee


Cue 1: Standing, feet hip width. Back flat, chest up.

Cue 2: Butt back, sink hips, knees over ankles. Squat position. Place hands on floor.

Cue 3: Kick feet back, arms extended on floor, hands beneath shoulders. Push-up position.

Cue 4: Bring feet back to squat position.

Cue 5: Extend through knees, hips, swing arms to lift body. Repeat for prescribed reps.

Exercise 3: Lateral Bound to Stabilize


Cue 1: Push off outside foot and jump, sticking landing with opposite foot.

Cue 2:Use arm drive to push off ground with outside foot. 

Cue 3: Tuck inside leg with each landing before next jump. Balanced and continuous.

Cue 4: Repeat for prescribed reps or time.

Exercise 4: Lateral Pillar Bridge - Feet Stacked

Cue 1: Lie on side. Legs extended. Elbow under shoulder, forearm, hand on floor.

Cue 2: Lift hip off floor. Engage core. Extend opposite arm.

Cue 3: Side of body, hip, leg all aligned. Hold for prescribed time. Repeat movement on opposite side.


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