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Training Technologies to Leverage with Your Athletes

Posted by BridgeAthletic on Nov 3, 2018 10:13:02 AM

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Here's a breakdown of the latest trends in training and tracking your athletes more effectively.

Hardware Tools:

Using hardware such as iPads is another easy way to make your life as a coach less about the big picture in regards to managing your athletes, and more about managing each athlete's individual needs.

Think about 10 of your athletes walking in your weight room, then 3 more 15 minutes later, then one more straggling in - all expected to be guided by you. Is your stress level increasing? Maybe getting a little annoyed just thinking about it?

No more. Implementing hardware into your gym such as an iPad rack can allow each athlete to pick up their personalized workout and get started. And all you need to do is coach them through it. Help each of them based on their individual needs, not facilitate and explain each step of the process.

Sounds great, right?


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But don't forget, the hardware's only as good as the software supporting it... 

Software Tools:

Where Bridge ~ bridges the gap ~ between hardware and your athletes' workout.

Say farewell to excel and pen and paper for creating your workout plans. And say hello to online training programs. Not convinced? Here's how Coach Krumpos revolutionized the way he runs his department at U of A.  

"Before using Bridge, I was spending hours a week formatting cells, entering formulas, printing workouts, and transferring testing data multiple times from clipboard to final profile. Now with Bridge, I can quickly design workouts that I can assign to large groups in minutes." - Coach Krumpos. 

Learn more about how creating training programs can be made easy and how Krumpos is doing things.

Creating a streamlined program in a few hours every month, rather than spending weeks on end on the same training, is beneficial in more ways than just extra time in the weight room. It provides you the flexibility of personalized attention for every athlete you have working out at any given time.

Is one player having a harder time increasing his/her vertical jump compared to the rest of the team?

Now taking that time to pull him/her aside and work one on one is not leaving the rest of your team feeling neglected. If anything, this is helping you treat all of your athletes more equally because now your time can be split between athletes more evenly. And for those who may not need one on one help during a given day, your program on Bridge is guiding them so you can feel at ease knowing everyone is grinding away.

Personalized time with each athlete was one of the biggest accomplishments AS Roma's performance staff said they had after implementing an effective structure.

Wanna know why? Listen here to find out.

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Let's get back to our main goal here - being efficient - because we know your time is already spread pretty thin.

So, do you think you're spending too much or too little time tracking?

A common theme we learned from Darcy & Ed is how overwhelming tracking can be. So much can be tracked, so how do you cut through the noise and find out what is important? It needs to be a decision you make as a coaching staff.

Take a step back and think, what is our end goal?

What do we really care about to increase our athletes performance?

Technology should be helping you reach your goal, not distracting you from it. So don't waste time looking at data just because it is there and start looking at what matters.

  Learn more about tracking data using Bridge.

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