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Building Blocks: The TRX Series Day 2

Posted by Nick Folker on Nov 1, 2015 8:20:43 PM

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The Standing Pushup is a nice progression for athletes who have mastered the regular pushup and are looking for a new stimulus. Suspension training provides this stimulus for this incline version of the pushup without loading the shoulder joints like you would for a horizontal pushup. Start standing facing the suspension bands. Set the length of the band based on your experience and progression level. Shorter handle for a beginner then lengthen the handle as you advance

TRX Balance Lunge
Hold a handle in each hand at mid-chest height. Feet placement is also based on experience and skill level. The further back you place your feet, the more difficult the exercise. Start in an inclined pushup position with arms at full extension. With the instability of the suspension bands, lower your body slowly into the bottom of the pushup phase. Pause when your chest is within 3 inches of your hands. Keeping your midsection braced to avoid arching your lower-back, press back up into the start position. Pause. Repeat with a controlled tempo for the prescribed reps. 


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