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TRX Lower Body Variation | BridgeAthletic

Posted by BridgeAthletic on Aug 15, 2020 4:04:29 PM

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This weeks #BridgeFit variation brought to you by BridgeAthletic in collaboration with EXOS is a TRX lower body variation. Every week we'll examine variations and modifications of exercises to optimize performance, mitigate injuries, and power the plateaus. 

Variation 1: Split Squat - Rear Foot Elevated

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Cue 1: Hang TRX cables 8" off floor. Feet in Lunge position. Back foot elevated, place into the stirrup. Back flat, Chest up.

Cue 2: Sink hips. Front knee over front ankle. back knee toward floor.

Cue 3: Drive through front foot, lifting body. Keep chest up, back flat. Reset and repeat for prescribed reps.

Variation 2: Single Leg Squat - Hands in TRX

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Cue 1: Stand, lift one leg. Slight bend in grounded leg. Hold TRX handles in front of chest.

Cue 2: Sink hips, butt back, knee over ankle, thigh parallel to floor.

Cue 3: Drive through heel. Back flat, chest up. Do not lock knee at top.

Cue 4: Repeat movement for opposite leg. Repeat for prescribed reps.

Variation 3: Leg Curl (TRX)

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Cue 1: Hang TRX cables 8" off floor. Lie face up, heels in stirrups, legs extended.

Cue 2: Bend at knees, heels towards butt. Elevate torso with movement.

Cue 3: Controlled, return to starting position. Repeat for prescribed reps.



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