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How to Do a Wall Squat | BridgeAthletic

Posted by BridgeAthletic on Aug 10, 2015 10:30:00 AM

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Welcome to week two of the Building Blocks Series Volume 1 powered by BridgeAthletic. Each week you and your athletes will work on mastering the fundamental exercises that build elite athletic performance. Yes, these exercises will seem familiar, but without a firm understanding of the basics there is no path towards greatness.

Volume 1 consists of four exercise progressions: the pushup progression, the squat progression, the body weight pullup progression, and the advanced pullup progression. Each week a new exercise will be introduced, followed by daily variations that add complexity while building strength, power, speed, and mobility. 


Exercise Progression Introduction:

This week I would like to introduce the squat. It is an integral part of any athletes development because it provides the foundation to lower-body stability, mobility and strength. We will progress from body weight exericises that focus primarily on stability and mobility towards a more advanced, strength focused barbell squat by the end of the week.

Join us on our mission to master the squat and build better athletes.

Exercise 1: Wall Squat 

The wall squat acts a foundation for developing the squat with a focus on form and stability. Wall support aids in form development, while time can be used as variable for increased difficulty.



Thanks for joining us on the first stage of the squat progression. We hope you and your athletes will join us as we progress towards mastery. Follow us on Facebook at, Twitter at or on Instagram using the handle BridgeAthletic in order to see the rest of the progression.
Want Feedback? We're here to help. We highly encourage you and your athletes to share videos and pictures performing the exercises. Use #BuildBetterAtheltes in order to receive feedback and guidance from one of our elite coaches on the BridgeAthletic Performance Team. 
Be sure to check back tomorrow for more Building Blocks!
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