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Your Quick Guide to Periodization

Posted by BridgeAthletic on Nov 3, 2018 10:12:33 AM

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Periodized Training

What is that? 

Sports periodization is the planning of an athletes training through a progressively cyclic format so the athlete is at peak performance for a major event. 

Put simply, it is training cycles that are all about timing. 

Types of training cycles: 

  • Macrocycle - 1 calendar year. Phases of training are created to build up to a peak performance for a competition. 
  • Mesocycle - 2-6 weeks or occurs for the duration of a particular phase with a specific focus. 
  • Microcycle - 1 week. Focused on a number of light days vs. heavy days of training. 

Why periodization?

  • Organizes team's approach 
  • Protects against overtraining
  • Enables continuous improvement
  • Ensure athletes master technique first before progressing

Check out more on periodization and the different types of cycles your team can be using.


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