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Communication and Training with Jenny Noiles




In our seventh episode of season 2, we sat down with EXOS Performance Director at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, Jenny Noiles. 

Tune in to hear about Noiles'  rehab protocols, training methodology and how she creating a collaborative training environment.

Check out these spoilers…

♦ 1:37 - 9:32  Some background on Noiles. She shares her journey into the world of strength and conditioning, starting as a premed major to joining EXOS in 2007 to her current role at Mayo Clinic. 


9:43-13:13  At EXOS and Mayo Clinic they focus on collaborative and holistic efforts. In order to do this well Noiles believes there needs to be a thoughtfulness and for everyone to have the mindset of collaboration and communication. 

"We [coaches] all have skill sets and experiences. A therapist can be a coach. Their mindset, their knowledge doesn't just apply to the injured athlete just like mine doesn't only apply to the healthy athlete. When you can marry those two together it can be really, really powerful."


13:20- 16:48 In Noiles' 12 years at EXOS the biggest change she has noticed is growth. Growth in both numbers of employees and the type of people they are reaching with their methodology. 


16:50 - 24:16 Noiles speaks to some key differences and similarities in the how she is training athletes at Mayo Clinic compared to the more traditional EXOS sites. 

"It feels awesome to help people get back to their former self"


24:20-31:20  Noiles shares her experience of our panelist this year at the Bridge + Onnit Train the Same event where she discussed being a female a male dominant field. 

"I've worked with both male and female athletes who have never had a female strength coach before."


31:30 - 38:00 Tips from a mentor. Noiles learned the importance of properly transferring the knowledge she has in order to successfully connect with the athlete she is training. 

“You can know all this stuff in your head, but at the end of the day does it resonate with your client?"


45:06 -50:50 The VersaClimber Challenge 


51:20 -56:14 Noiles discusses how she decides to address a mobility issue with an athlete that is otherwise healthy. 

"We look at the algorithm of mobility plus stability equals strength. But that's too simple, we have to be responsible and dive deeper with individuals."


56:30-end Rapid-fire -Noiles's favorite athlete of all time, what she's reading, advice to her younger self, and a fact you might not know about her. 

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Connect with Jenny Noiles

Instagram:  @jennynoiles

Thanks to Jenny Noiles for joining us for episode 7 of Season 2! 

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