August 30, 2020 By BridgeAthletic

Evolution of the Female Solider - Learning from the Past to Influence the Future


This week our very own Ryan Carroll, Director of Elite Sport and Tactical at BridgeAthletic presented on the Evolution of the Female Solider - Learning from the Past to Influence the Future at the 2020 NSCA Tactical Annual Training Conference. During his presentation, Ryan speaks about the history of female military service, the culture around females in the tactical space, and how coaches can leverage research to set female soldiers up for success as more combat specific positions become available to them.


Three Key Takeaways: 

1. The US Military is working to create more gender neutral standards with the Holistic Health and Fitness Initiative (H2F). This initiative is an attempt to build out a more well rounded physical fitness test to increase operational readiness and be gender neutral. 

2.  There are key factors that need to be considered in creating more gender neutral testing and standards such as physiological differences between male and female service members.

3. These physiological differences need to be incorporated into human performance training to ensure female soldiers meet physical standards for common and advanced military endeavors.


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