September 29, 2021 By BridgeAthletic

Exploring the Field of Strength and Conditioning with Jay Dawes


In this episode of Powering Performance, we are joined by Jay Dawes, the 2021 NCAA Tactical Practitioner of the Year and Associate Professor of Applied Exercise Science at Oklahoma State. Tune in to hear more about the research Jay is doing in Strength and Conditioning and how it relates to both tactical athletes and public health communities. 

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Check out these three highlights:

1. Jay shares with us some details on the current tactical research he is involved in. 

"It gives us the freedom and the autonomy to do testing that we would do if we were working in a high-performance center for college athletics or professionals and then developing individualized programs to meet their specific needs."


2. Jay speaks to some of the distance education resources for Strength and Conditioning Oklahoma St. has created.

“I’ve got one course that will be a straight-up tactical strength conditioning class. So it really is aimed at giving people some foundational knowledge on program design to make sure that they can be more efficient, but really to kind of help prep and get them prepared to take the tactical strength conditioning facilitator exam.”


3. Jay and Ryan discuss the crossover between Strength and Conditioning research and public health in the police and fire communities

"A lot of times, once officers and firefighters get through training academy, they're not mandated to have to maintain an occupational fitness standard throughout the remainder of their career. And so at that point, any type of fitness participation becomes strictly voluntary. So that makes it really challenging to do research on that population and to get any meaningful information." 


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Thanks to Jay Dawes for joining us! 

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