September 02, 2020 By BridgeAthletic

From Fashion to Fitness with Lala Duncan


In this week's episode of Powering Performance, we are joined by Lala Duncan, Head Trainer at Dogpound NYC. Lala shares her journey from fashion to training, how she getting more females involved in strength and conditioning, and how she is navigating remote coaching.

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Check out these three highlights: 

1. Lala had an Aha moment leading her to transitioning from fashion to strength and conditioning. She shares how to was able to take advantage of this realization and how the journey into the field of fitness is not always linear. 

"I want to help so many other women experience that same feeling where we no longer have to hide behind what we're wearing. We can wear whatever we want because our bodies are really what we're trying to showcase. It's not so much what we're wearing on the outside it's what we already have."


2. Since the start of the pandemic Lala's clientele has completely shifted. Previously, the majority of the clients she worked with were males, however now that she is training remotely 90% of her clients are female. She believes that some of the reasoning for this is that virtual training fits into their schedule better, and they are more comfortable to try new exercises from the privacy of their own home. 

"I feel like this is this is my mission right now is to just get as many women as possible on this path"

3. Doing virtual training one of the biggest adjustments Lala points out is the way she is giving cues. Since she can no longer be hands on or demonstrate she has to be more precise and descriptive cues 

"it's a lot easier for me to show someone how to keep their spine neutral if I can actually touch them. It's a lot harder when I'm not there in person. So that has been my biggest challenge and my biggest growth as a trainer"


Connect with Lala Duncan 

 Instagram: @liftwithlala



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Thanks to Lala Duncan for joining us! 

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