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Building Blocks: The Plate Building Block Day 2

Posted by Nick Folker on Oct 13, 2015 8:16:00 PM

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The Plate Overhead Walking Lunge



Start with feet hip-width apart holding a plate comfortably in front of your body. Keeping your midsection contracted to avoid arching your back, raise the plate overhead in line with your ears. Perform a front lunge keeping the plate in the same place overhead as you move. Pause slightly to control the movement, then bring your back leg through and up to perform a front lunge with the opposite leg. Work on keeping your midsection contracted and the plate inline overhead as you step each time. Move slowly and with control to perform the prescribed reps for each leg. At the end of these reps end with feet at hip-width apart and bring the plate down to rest comfotably in front of you at your start position.

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