July 22, 2020 By BridgeAthletic

Fueling Athletes with Rob Skinner


In our latest episode of Powering Performance, we are joined by Rob Skinner, Senior Sports Dietician at the United States Olympic Committee. Tune in to hear Rob share some insight on how he approaches training different types of athletes and some tips for educating athletes on diet. 

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Check out these three highlights: 

1. Rob has worked with collegiate, professional, and tactical athletes and while many of the nutrition principles are very similar his approach, outside factors and outcome are very different for each of these athletes, so Rob had to make adjustments accordingly. 

"It boils down to what the individual wants to get out of their nutrition. And so I really have tried over the course of my career, take a more individualized approach to nutrition for optimal performance, versus general recommendations."


2. Rob works with athletes at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and remotely as many are training in different locations around the country. Often, he will need to work in tandem with other coaches that these athletes are working well.  While he is working with them the Olympic Training Center he teaches athletes different meals they can cook to properly fuel.

 "We try to show them the connection between food and nutrition because you don't eat necessarily iron, you eat meat or you eat spinach."

3. An important part of Rob's role when working with wrestlers is helping athletes maintain the correct weight leading up to a weigh in for competition. However, since rules have changed on the timing and number of weigh-ins, Rob has changed his strategy to ensure the athlete are getting a proper nutrients prior to competition. 


Connect with Rob Skinner

Email: rob.skinner@usoc.org

Instagram: @fuelingathletes


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Thanks to Rob Skinner for joining us! 

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