January 15, 2021 By BridgeAthletic

How Technology Impacts the Coaching Process - NSCA's Coaches Conference 2021


Last week, Ryan Carroll, Director of Tactical and Elite Sport, and Rob Hartman, Director of Performance, presented on How Does Technology Impact the Coaching Process at the 2021 NSCA Coaches Conference


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During the presentation, Rob and Ryan spoke about how technology, specifically programming technology, should support the coaching process.  This should occur through a process of periodization, planning, programming, delivery, execution, analyzation and reflection.  Ryan discussed how through each stage of the process, a Major League Baseball team could use technology to efficiently attack each step.  Rob followed on this by utilizing the BridgeTracker app to highlight the versatility in the playlist functionality to deliver dynamic, fluid training experience at scale. 


Rob and Ryan ended the presentation by reminding coaches that technology doesn’t work for the coach immediately, it takes time on the front end to build out the content to truly drive the flexibility and efficiency seen by the athlete and the organization on the back end.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Gain insight on how and where programming technology fits into the coaching process
  • Learn how programming technology can enhance the response to a more dynamic or fluid style of programming

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