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Human Performance Management with Clive Brewer

Posted by BridgeAthletic on Apr 28, 2021 1:17:07 PM

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In this week's episode of Powering Performance, we are joined by Clive Brewer, Human Performance Specialist. Tune in to learn about Human Performance Management and to hear conversations on the relationship between Sport Science and data analytics. 

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Check out these three highlights:

1. Clive explains the role of Human Performance Management and how to work with others on staff to accomplish goals. 

"Once we understand the performance need, we can apply a problem-solving process. We can apply monitoring and diagnostics. We can put a plan in place. All of that is designed to support the coaching process, which is designed to make the athlete better."


2.Clive speaks to the dynamics of Sports Scientists, Coaches, and Data Analysts.

Sports science isn't data analysts, data analytics is a part of sports science." 


3. Clive shares how coaches can best prepare for a career in High-Performance Management.

"One, coach; two, be curious. Just be curious, "why does this happen? What does that do?  When do I do that?"



Connect with Clive Brewer


Twitter: @Clivesportsandc


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Thanks to Clive Brewer for joining us! 

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