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Injury, Recovery, and Mental Health in Hockey with Natasha Wilson

Posted by BridgeAthletic on May 12, 2021 11:10:39 AM

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For our 50th episode of Powering Performance, we are joined by Natasha Wilson, Founder, and Creator of Hockey Performance and Recovery. Tune in to hear how Natasha helps hockey players recovery from various injuries, creates player buy-in, and the importance of mental health in the recovery process. 

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Check out these three highlights:

1. Natasha speaks to the common issues she sees in hockey players, both related to injuries and the culture around these injuries.

"If we're talking about the issues in culture and hockey culture, my biggest thing is that I think players think they have to live with these issues. I can't tell you how many young NHL players in their prime come to me and tell me they can't get out of bed in the morning because they can't move or it's their pain and they just have to roll around for a bit and then go straight to practice."


2. Natasha explains how she creates trust and is able to build buy-in with the players she works with. 

"Consistency is huge, which goes with time and schedule because like any form of training, you need consistency to see a difference." 


3. Natasha shares the importance of the mental side of the recovery process and goes over some tools others can use. 

"Realizing that this is a human sport and I think the way we interact and coach is very important. Being able to ask how someone is doing that day and actually listen, and care, and coach them sort of based on that day."



Connect with Natasha Wilson


Twitter: @hockeyperformancerecovery


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Thanks to Natasha Wilson for joining us! 

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