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Lacrosse: 5 Keys When Preparing for Preseason

Posted by BridgeAthletic on Jan 19, 2016 8:42:00 PM

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Think back to this time last year. You were likely gearing up for preseason with all the anticipation, energy (albeit nervous or excited), and mental toughness you could muster to get through a very intense time of the year for lacrosse players. Coming off the heavy off-season conditioning, preseason training is geared to fine-tuning you for your in-season playing schedule. How you prepare yourself leading up to preseason makes a huge impact on the way you handle the next couple of weeks. Let’s discuss a few tips so you can hit the ground running with training and truly maximize your preseason potential.


  1. Get Back on the Field and the Wall

As incredibly rewarding as it feels to be liberated from regular workouts, towards the end of your break you should get back on the field to help you transition back into the regular practice routine. These workouts do not have to be intense or very long. Your goal is to get your body moving again and get your stick skills going. This will help you immensely come preseason because you will be able to go harder for longer in drills and recover better between workouts, making you a better teammate and asset. This is also a great time to get on the wall and dial in your stick to be ready for when full preseason practice starts.


  1. Sustain your Energy Levels

When you were on vacation, your nutrition regimen more than likely took a break as well as your training. As you get back into heavy workouts, you’ll need to eat balanced meals with proper fueling before and after each session. Begin by adding more nutrient-rich, whole foods to your meals, while also increasing your hydration with water between meals. Healthy foods will provide the energy source you need to get through preseason.


  1. Sleep

Time to get some shut-eye. Preseason is not only busy with training and team activities, but the beginning of the academic year is also fast approaching, if you have not already begun school. Your daily schedule will change drastically from where it was a week ago. Give your body the rest it deserves so you can train to your full potential and be engaged in your workouts.


  1. Enjoy Yourself

This time of year is fun and exciting! Sure, the training is going to be tough, but you should enjoy the end of your break and be refreshed upon returning to play and re-uniting with your teammates . Don’t take yourself too seriously. This is the beginning of the year, and you have everything going your way.


  1. Be Positive

Your attitude, more than anything, will affect your preseason. Enter this year with an open mind, a humble and positive attitude, and a desire to get better. There are no results to look at, no setbacks to overcome, and nothing to prove to anyone. All you need to do is have a positive outlook, and come to each practice ready to give your best each day and be a great teammate. It’s time to look forward. Come to preseason workouts with mental toughness and a sense of humor. You’re going to push through some pain, but your teammates will be right alongside you. The better your attitude, the better you all will train.


Keep these tips in your toolbox when preseason rolls around. It’s easy to agree with them, but harder to put into practice. Get excited for a stellar preseason that will put you in tiptop shape for the coming year and more opportunities to be your best.


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