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Making Metrics Relatable with Drake Berberet


In this week's episode of Powering Performance, we are joined by Drake Berberet,  Director of Sport Science at Hawkin Dynamics, owner of Strength2Speed and the owner of ER Fitness. Tune in to hear about making metrics trainable, creating reports using force plates and the Coaches Vs. COVID project. 

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Check out these three highlights:

1. Drake shares how he built trust with the athletes at University of Illinois after coming in mid-season to work with them. 

"The athletes have to see that the people that they trust trust you,  respect what you're doing, and are fully bought in on what you're bringing to the table"

2. Drake speaks to how he builds reports with athletes in the collegiate setting and how force plates can influence decision making. 

"As a sports scientist, you're making assumptions based off of very small changes in metrics in whatever you're looking at,  you're using stats, and some of these changes are just a couple of centimeters apart so if you're not collecting accurate data, then we can't really make accurate assumptions that you can then use to guide your training and your planning."

3. Drake was a part of creating the The Coaches vs. COVID Project and shares how the strength and conditioning community came together to help those affected. 


"What can we do to kind of help people that are struggling during this time?" The first thing that came to mind was all the people that are out of a job or getting laid off during this time period. As strength coaches, we  provide a service to our athletes, so the first people we were thinking about were the people that also provide services in our world."


Connect with Drake Berberet

 Instagram: @Strength2speed

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Thanks to Drake Berberet for joining us! 

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