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Building Blocks: The MB Building Block Day 2

Posted by Nick Folker on Oct 20, 2015 9:34:54 PM

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This is a great progression from a regular pushup and is applicable to almost all training environments. Adding unilateral and instability components to the pushup movement emphasizes shoulder and core stability more than a regular pushup does. Note - this is a progression from the regular pushup, so do not attempt this without having mastered the pushup (and at least the kneeling version of this exercise).

MB 1 Arm Pushup:

Start kneeling and place the MB under one hand, with the other hand placed below your shoulder on the ground. Once the MB is stable, press up off the floor, raising your knees, into a pushup position. In this position, perform the same movement as you would for a regular pushup. With the MB under one hand, move slowly to aclimate yourself to the instability of the ball. Perform the prescribed reps for one arm then switch the MB to the other hand and repeat for prescribed reps. 



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